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My website reloaded + Ball Revamped Duo TWO updates

Posted by AsianSpark - July 12th, 2008

Click the link

I was bored, so I remaked my whole site using Freewebs instead of using Pagii.
It's laggy on Pagii though...

I'd like some comments.

My website reloaded + Ball Revamped Duo TWO updates


Except for the background image, the site looks rather generic. You should figure out some unique color sheme or style.

I wuz busy.

I just played a bunch of the first Duo game. Make the later levels easier next time >:(

Everyone say it's easy.

your "ball games" are getting quite annoying. do something new, something that WASN'T RAPED BY FLASH ARTISTS 100 TIMES ALREADY. cause you are such a great coder, why don't you try an shooter instead? like contra or so. or something involving some great new physic engines?
oh btw awesum engines for flash : <a href="http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2008/04/24/flash-physics-engines-galore/">http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2008/

I was busy.

I do think you should move on from the Ball Revamped games. They are awesome, no doubt about it, but they are getting old. I know what it's like to think of a really awesome and original idea, you don't want to move onto anything else, but seriously, make something original, rather than the same game with minor tweaks. Let it lie, make something new that people will say &quot;OH WOW! THIS REALLY ROCKS!&quot; to instead of &quot;Oh great, another one...&quot;

Umm... okay.

Someone as talented as you has to go to Freewebs? :(

I cant own a REAL website nao. Wait till i get one and i'll pwn you.

cool site, i really like it, its really nice....
not like my site, it sucks...

i didnt say it as a cheat i said it as a help to help ppl i waqs trying to do something good i didnt think of it as a cheat and it is good that u do make num 2 not have that i was trying to help. im talking about the response u gave me by the way if u did not know nice game though i could ake it to about lvl 25 and like lvl 10 without a death. and in two make a highscore and if u wanna know any possible way that ppl can hack just send a message so i can help u eliminate cheats if u find ppl cheating i can find a way to help u if u cant figure out how they r cheating.

ty for listening